Friday, May 3, 2013

Blue Skirt

Size 10 thread in blue
Size 10 thread in white
Size 6 (1.8 mm) steel hook
1 sew on snap
6 tiny buttons
As you can guess by now, I don't bother too much with gauge. I always use the same size hook and if you find a hook that works with one of my patterns it will work for all my patterns.

Row 1:  With blue ch 31, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 4 chs, hdc in next 5 chs, dc in next 20 sts, turn.  (30 sts)
Row 2:  Ch 2 (counts as first dc), dc in next 19 sts, hdc in next 5 sts, sc in next 5 sts, turn.  (30 sts)
Row 3:  Ch 1, sc in next 5 sts, hdc in next 5 sts, dc in next 20 sts, turn.  (30 sts)
Rows 4-23:  Repeat rows 2 and 3. 
 You should end up on the dc side of skirt at the end of row 23.  Ch 1, 2 sc in end of each row across bottom of skirt.  (46 sts)
Holding RS tog, sc first 15 sts of back seam together.
Join white with sl st in any st, ch 3 (counts as first tr), 2 tr in same st as joining, 3 tr in each st around, joing to top of beginning ch 3.
Sew snap to back opening.
Sew 6 small buttons as shown in picture.


Véro said...

thank you for sharing explanations for this pretty skirt
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areiasdejade said...

Lindos demais!