Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Pretty in Pink" Sweater

I liked working with the sock weight yarn in my last project so much that I decided to do another outfit with it.  I was able to use a larger hook size with the sock weight so this project worked up a little bit faster than with the size 10 cotton.  I also like that the sock weight has a little bit of stretch and makes the sweater look more like a real sweater.  I am working on a pair of leggings to go with this sweater.  That will be posted soon.


Super fine sock weight yarn in Pink
Size 1 (2.75 mm) steel hook
3 sew on snaps
10 sc = 1 inch, 10 sc rows = 1 inch
Directions for Sweater
NOTE:  V-ST = (dc, ch 1, dc) in stitch indicated
Top band of sweater:

Row 1:  With pink, ch 11, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn.  (10 sts)
Row 2:  Working in BACK LOOPS only, ch1, sc in each st across, turn.  (10 sts)
Rows 3-50:  Repeat row 2.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF at end of last row. 
Working around edge of top band: 
Ch 1, turn, work a sc in end of each row across first long edge of piece (50 sts), turn piece so that you will be working a second row over row just worked, ch 1, (sc dec over next 2 sts) across long edge just worked (25 sts), ch 1, sc in each st across first short edge of piece (this will make 51st row of piece), turn piece so you will be working across 2nd long edge of piece.
Body of sweater:
Row 1:  Ch 1, work 2 sc in end of first row along 2nd long edge of piece, work sc in end of next 49 rows, work 2 sc in end of last row, turn. (53 sts)
Row 2:  Ch 1, sc in next st, sk next st, v-st in next st, sk next st, sc in next st, sk next st, v-st in next st, sk next 10 sts (armhole), [sc in next st, sk next st, v-st in next st, sk next st] 4 times, sc in next st, sk next st, v-st in next st, sk next 10 sts (armhole), sc in next st, sk next st, v-st in next st, sk next st, sc in next st, sk next st, v-st in last st, turn. (9 sc, 9 v-sts)

Row 3: Ch 1, [sc in first (next) ch 1 space of v-st, v-st in next sc] across, turn.  (9 sc,9 v-sts)

Rows 3-7: Repeat row 2.  Fasten off.
Finishing:  Sew 3 snaps evenly spaced down back opening of sweater.




MCEA said...

Pretty indeed! For the second time in a row, I won't be able to make the exact pattern. (so sad and mad) The colour and thread type are not available in my location.

What other thread can I use?

pinkpowderpuff said...

I think that a fingering type yarn would do or even size 5 cotton thread. The yarn I used is about double the thickness of size 10 thread. Hope this helps!

Véro said...

121oh I love the shape of this high
thank you for your sharing
I watch every day to see if you publish a pity that we can not subscribe to your blog with a newletter?
friendship véro

pinkpowderpuff said...

Thank you Vero,

If I had time I would publish many more patterns. Also, I have no idea even how to go about publishing a newsletter.

Mary said...

I am having so much fun with this pattern! I have finished 3 tops so far and can't wait to start number 4! Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern!!!

Annie Carvalho said...

Could you add a search option on your blog? I'm looking for Skipper clothes to crochet, but it's hard to go through every single post searching. Also, if I show you a little top for a Bratz, Skipper doll, can you make a pattern?