Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chocolate Colored Slacks

These slacks are the last piece in my "Chocolate Bubblegum" collection.  I had the most trouble with these as I have not had much experience crocheting Barbie pants.  I made the crotch piece completely separate and sewed it to the pants because I could not figure out how to do it in one piece.  I did not want to just sew the front and back together because I do not like the bunching and pulling look that that creates.  Also, you can see (slightly) where the legs are started, but only when the pants are off the doll.  On the doll they look pretty darn good :-)


Size 10 thread in brown
Size 10 thread in pink
Size 6 (1.8 mm) steel hook
one sew on snap


10 sc = one inch, 10 sc rows= 1 inch


Rows 1-9:  Follow first 9 rows of brown skirt with pink ruffle.  Fasten off.

Crotch Piece

Row 10:  With brown, ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn.  (4 sc)

Row 11:  Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.  (4 sc)

Rows 12-14:  Repeat row 2.  Fasten off.

Sew on end of crotch to 4 center front stitches and sew other end of crotch to 4 center back stitches.

Note:  There should be 21 stitches remaining on either side of crotch where legs will be worked.

Round 1:  (First leg)  Join brown with sl st in end of middle row of crotch, ch 1, sc in same st as joining, dc in end of next row, sc in end of last row, dc in first st of row 9 of pants, (sc in next st, dc in next st) in next 20 sts, sc in end of next row of crotch, dc in end of remaining row of crotch, join to beg sc, turn.  (26 sts)

Note 1:  Turn at ends of rounds 1-33 of leg to keep to pattern.

Note 2:  Round 1 of leg may or may not keep to pattern of row 9.

Note 3:  When working rounds 34-37 you can either fasten off each round or you can carry the thread from round to round to avoid having to weave in ends.  If you carry the thread, then do not turn at the ends of rounds 34-37.  Or you can just skip the stripes and keep to the sc, dc pattern.

Round 2:  Ch 1, [sc in next dc, dc in next sc] around, join to beg sc, turn.  (26 sts)

Rounds 3-33:  Repeat round 2.  Fasten off at end of round 33.

Round 34:  Join pink with sc in any st, sc in each st around, join to first sc. (26 sc)  Fasten off or do not turn and carry thread.

Round 35:  Join brown with sl st in any st, ch 2 (counts as first dc), dc in each st around, join to top of beg ch 2.  (26 dc)  Fasten off or do not turn and carry the thread.

Round 36:  Repeat round 34.

Round 37:  Repeat round 35.

Round 38:  (Ruffle) Join pink with sl st in any st, ch 4, 4 tr in same st as joining, sk next st, [5 tr in next st, sk next st] around, join to top of beg ch 4.  Fasten off.

Repeat for other leg.

Sew snap to back opening.


Anonymous said...

I was not too pleased with the crotch piece. There are other ways to make pant legs that do not require making an entirely separate piece.

pinkpowderpuff said...

To anonymous,

By all means you are welcome to try any one of those other ways, or feel free to not even make the pants...

Amber said...

LOVE the pants! Never saw crochet pants for barbie that actually looked nice. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time figuring out how u did the pants. PLEASE HELP.

pinkpowderpuff said...

I would love to help you, but can you be a little more specific about what you are having trouble with?

Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time attaching the crotch piece

pinkpowderpuff said...

Ok, you should have basically a rectangle shaped piece that is joined together in later rows (to keep a back opening). One short edge of the crotch piece should be sewn to the front four center stitches of the rectangle shaped piece that you have started (front of the pants). The second short end of the crocth piece should be sewn to the back four stitches (back of the pants), so that 2 of the stitches will be on the right of the back opening and 2 of the stitches will be on the left of the back opening. At this point it will look like a pair of underwear with two legholes. Then you will start crocheting in the rounds in each leghole to make each pant leg. I can tell this was not the best pattern I could come up with for pants and I will try to come up with something better in the future. Hope this helps!